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Tabor Beautii

Yohannes' Girl

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Eyes are the window to the soul, but aren't gorgeous lashes part of the frame? Our mink lashes last more than 25 uses and are so lightweight you'll forget you're wearing them! Your eyes deserve better treatment.


  • 💯% Mink Lashes 
  • 🧼 Washable
  • ♻️ Re-usable 
  • 🛠 Indestructible 

    Hair Fibers

    100% Mink

    How to use

    Step 1: Remove lashes from the tray.

    Step 2: Measure lashes to eyes, and trim off the excess lash you don’t need.

    Step 3: Apply lash glue to the band, allow glue to dry for 30 seconds, then apply to eyelids.

    Step 4: Push lashes into skin to make sure they are secured.

    Step 5: Slay the day!


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